(DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright


    (DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a US Copyright Law that allows particular files to be removed by their owners if they are using without appropriate authorization.
    Is that true that we use copyrighted material?
    Hell No. Well, first I want to say something then I will come to the point of DMCA, we create and write our own videos, images and articles we don’t store any illegal or copyrighted content like images, videos, Softwares, cracks, etc. on our site. All the pictures, Softwares, cracks or videos we used are provided only for learning purposes, and all the linked content is stored in Third-Party sites. We don’t have any power on other Third-Party sites. Bicfic.com do not host any software. We find software on well-known software sites like Softonic and Filehippo etc. and insert that link for our users. If any software in this site is touching DMCA, kindly report to the host of that software. I already mentioned that we do not control Third-Party servers. You may only Contact Us to remove the software link from our website. We surely value and follow DMCA law.
    What have you to do?
    To file an objection, you should take the following steps:
    1. Congregate the URL(s) of the law-abiding file(s).
    URL be like:
    1. Make sure that you are Real Holder of the file and that file doesn’t have acquiescence to used on this or other sites except the real one. For right and effectively processing of DMCA, you have to send an Email from that domain which is lawfully owned by the offended company.
    Note: We are not going to accept the DMCA complaints if you mail us from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other accounts.
    1. Contact us at:

    Contact Us

    1. Subject of the Email is like:
    DMCA-Techsmith, DMCA-Microsoft
    1. Email should consist of Finding the copyrighted works; Copyright violates file location and statement of right.
    Once the Email is sent, the file will be removed in 72 hours. Your complaint or appeal will be Unseen if the Email doesn’t show us the proof or Confirmation of your ownership.
    Thank You