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كتاب نظرية الانشاءات
كتاب نظرية الانشاءات

As a result of a new outlook among instructors and students, and
a growing realization of the benefits that may be gained from a suitable
text book, this edition has been prepared.
New material has been added particularly in chapters dealing with
stresses. In chapter 8 on normal stresses, the general equation of stress and
the core theory have been introduced. In chapter 9 on shear stresses, tors-
ion of non-circular solid sections and thin-walled open and closed sections
has been included. Further, additional problems to be worked out are
presented at the end of each chapter so as to give the instructor a wider
choice in the selection of the problems the student may solve.
On the preparation of this edition, no effort was spared to meet most
of the advices and suggestions offered by my colleagues and students
alike. The many critical questions that my former students have asked,
while seeking to clarify the basic principles in their own minds, have been
of immeasurable help in this respect.
The publication of Part 2 of this book will follow this edition. While
Part 1 is mainly concerned with the analysis of statically determinate
structures, Part 2 will deal with deformations and the analysis of stati-
cally indeterminate structures.
It was hoped to present Part 2 earlier but this was postponed owing to a
full-time engagement of the author on a major research programme con-
ducted at Lehigh University, U.S.A., which lasted almost two years.
Finally, the author wishes to extend his gratitude to Architect, S.
El-Komey and Mr. A. Rasmey who were responsible for the design of
the new cover of this book.
Cairo, December 1983
W.M. El-Dakhakhni

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Theory of Structures P.1 EL-Dakhakhni
Theory of Structures EL-Dakhakhni P.2

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